Geisterwelt team is a dj team from Thessaloniki / Greece ( currently based in Nuremberg / Germany ) that organize music events, with a past record from 1998 in dark scene, with many Dj sets in Goth Festivals all over Europe.

The members of Geisterwelt dj team are: Dj SilentOrder (x-Nefelovamon, Thomas Karigkas - since 1998) and Madaley Selket ( Marlen Moisidou - since 2006 )


The " GEISTERWELT CD COMPILATION I & II " was an effort with no economic profit to promote the music they support and promote older and upcoming bands in Greece ( no longer available )

Music such as

Gothic Rock / Dark  - New Wave / Medieval / DarkFolk / EBM / Synthpop / Dark Electro / ElectroGoth / Industrial